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Dark Knight animated mood theme

It was the hardest mood theme ever. It took me almost 2 months to finish.
It's 90% "Dark Knight" and 10% "Batman begins" (I was missing some lovely moments, like "sleepy" or "peaceful", so I had to use that movie too :)).

Dark Knight mood theme

As always - this moodtheme will work for all accounts (basic, plus, paid). I have a basic account - and everything is ok :)


surprised curious determined

=> You can preview the whole theme here <=

Important note: you can set those pictures the way you want them too (after installing mood theme, of course). For example: you think that "determined" picture would look better as a "rushed" mood. So you simply pick "determined" picture and then write rushed in a box next to mood.

For Plus and Paid accounts:

1. Download this zipped file with all pictures (16 mb). Unzip it and upload pictures to your server (I use for that).
2. Copy that text:

3. Now we have to replace that ugly "http://INSERT-YOUR-URL-HERE" with an actual url that you'll get after uploading pictures at, say, photobucket. The easiest way is to open NotePad, paste there that text from a box above.
Then press Ctrl+H and change "http://INSERT-YOUR-URL-HERE/" to something that might look like "" (you'll need an address from "Direct Link for layout pages" in Photobucket).
Of course, you'll have another address, it's just an example. Please, pay attention - you'll be replacing only the part that goes before the name of the mood (i.e. you'll have to leave intact the names themselves - such as "happy.gif", "sleepy.gif", "excited.gif" etc).

4. Not we have to get rid of those strange "XXXXXX"s. So, please, go to the command console and type in:
moodtheme_create "Dark Knight animated" "by lidi"
then press 'execute'

5. You'll get a number (moodtheme ID). remember it. and then replace all "XXXXXX" with that number (in NotePade just press Ctrl+H). So in the end it'll look like:
"moodtheme_setpic 209875 31 95 45"
(once again - it's just an example. you'll have a different number and a different url).

6. Copy your ready text (the one with all replaced numbers and urls) and paste it to the command console, then press 'execute'

7. Go here, ("Look and Feel" of S1 style system) and choose "Dark Knight animated" in the drop-down menu of mood themes (it should be in the end). Or you can change you old theme to a new one here. I use that link all the time.

8. Please, give me credit for this mood theme. Preferably on your userinfo page.

For Basic accounts:
You can get upgrade your account to a Plus account, install that theme and then switch back to Basic account (downgrade to it :) ). And that theme would still be here! Amazing, isn't it? :) That's what I do for installing my own mood themes :)

Anyway, here's steps for Basic account :) Just in case.
1. Download this zipped file with all pictures. Unzip it and upload pictures to your server (I use for that).

2. Then copy that text and replace all "INSERT-YOUR-URL-HERE" with actual urls that you'll get after uploading all pictures to, say, photobucket:

3. Save it somewhere on your computer (as a text file or whatever way you like).
4. And every time you'll make an enty, you have to choose a mood you need from that list and paste it to your page.
(you practically will be inserting a picture every time. just that simple).
5. Please, give me credit for this mood theme. Preferably on your userinfo page.

!!! Info for all users: you can change your newest themes here!
(the ones that you installed besides preset lj themes)

Comments (and credit) = ♥ ♥ ♥

If you like my moodthemes and icons, feel free to friend me!
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