Light on a road (детство)

20 icons for requests

Guess what?
I'll make you icons with your usernames.
Though right now I'm not sure how they'll look like ;) Hopefully, they'll be cute :)

To get an icon you have to comment.
(no special requests, please :) ).

20 icons only (1 person - 1 icon).

UPD: since I finally made up my mind with design (all icons will be black white. oh my, I'm not good with making decisions ;) well, they'll be some color at least :)))) )), I'll make as many icons as I can. so you can continue to comment with request (until I update this post once again, saying that fun time is over). So comment! :) yay :)

p.s. I'm not replying to your comments because I'm busy with making icons (already. yay again :) ).
lalala :) they're so cute, by the way! (and yes, they're white. with grey text and colorful thingies in the middle :) )

requests time is over :)
thank you all for lovely comments. I'll post new icons very soon :)
Half the sky: Kristen Bell


I'm taking requests for simple icons.
Once again - happy holidays, everyone! I hope this year will be better for you than the last one :) Wish you lots of joy, fun, and success! :)

As always - comment with a picture, I'll make you an icon out of it. Simple (no text or animation), nothing fancy :)
(one person - one icon).

I'll update this post when the requests time will be over (in a couple of hours).

Updated: I honestly waited for 2 hours. No more requests ;)
Light on a road (детство)

If I were a boy.

After I found a movie where "Sue Sylvester" (well, Jane Lynch's character in that movie) kisses another woman, I had to make this vid (also FlashForward was aslo very friendly this week).

Title: If I were a boy
Plot: about girls ;)
Tv-Shows: (in order of appearance) The good wife, Glee, Grey's anatomy, Fringe, Ugly Betty, 30 rock, Flash Forward, Mercy, Lie to me, Best in show (that movie).
Warning: there'll be spoilers to all those shows. Video bits are very fresh ;)
Download: here, normal quality, 15 mb. or here, great quality. 48 mb. (both links are straight downloads with right-click mouse, save as...).

If you have an opportunity, please, download it - you'd see it in a better quality and with better sound and better sync :)