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I can't post them as comments, so I'll try to post them here ;))
(by the by, the last two entries were made by my friends, not me. I still can't do a thing in lj. and lovely belletrix and aretania were kind enough to post it for me :))) ).

I haven't seen last episodes, so I'll write only about what I know.

Fandom: Heroes
Pairing: Claire/Zach
Word: Rain

Claire is dying. Again. Zach is both terrified and mesmerized by it. The way her fragile and tender body finds its way back to normal shape. Claire's fingers - so slim and bloody - shift, crank and they're pretty again. Her tender skin, ripped in the most inappropriate places, melting in it's usual soft and shiny surface. Buy 14th take Zach feels the breathing is too difficult. He's overwhelmed with wrongfulness of all this.
And then Claire smiles the most brightest of her smiles, winks at her best friend and goes to her un-suicidal mission again.
That's when Zach knows that she'll be okay. The calmness washes over him like summer rain. He presses "Rec" button and zooms in on Claire.

Fandom: House
Word: Chocolate

Chase is so much fun to look at. Especially when he's melting chocolate candy with his tongue. He's sucking it slightly, biting it oh-ever-so tenderly, then he'll roll it back and forth. House is truly fascinated. Chase is only one glass wall away, yet House can see every little detail. Maybe imagination helps him with what he can't possibly see. House keeps ignoring Cameron annoyed comments - she's sighing helplessly and the next moment she's ruining it all by banging on the glass. Chase puts away his magazine and looks up questioningly. The magic is gone - the candy is hastily swollen. House stares at Cameron accusingly. This girl doesn't get him. Then Chase unfolds another candy and the life isn't that bad after all.

Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Anya/Xander
Word: Trust

Xander can't trust himself to come back to Sunnydale's ruins. He's afraid he'd want to jump into that endless bottom - to finish it all for good. Everyone is back to normal - well, as normal as you can get after living by Hellmouth. Strangely enough, most of the time he passes for an ordinary guy with ordinary job and ordinary daily routine. He even got some new friends - not real ones, but at least he can drink bear and watch sports with them. Not because he likes it. Because it makes him normal again. Almost alive.
Yet the darkness of that pit lures him. He wants to see it once again. To make one little step that would end all this false shit once and for all. And he'll finally see Anya again. Probably. But she would've wanted him to keep on living. So Xander grabs another bottle of bear and comes back to his buddies. He'll be normal - at least for today.

Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Word: Promise

Dean was never big with the concept of promises. It's like you were giving a part of you soul to a pawnshop. And you could only get if back if you fulfill that fucked promise. It was shit of a concept, yet Dean believed in it. He avoided giving any official promise - he used words "probably", "maybe", "I'll try to do my best". Because he knew that he'll have to keep the promises he made. He didn't want to loose any part of his soul - even the tiniest one. Screw that.
Yet the moment he saw blood on Sam's face (another damn demon hunt) he realized that there is one promise he would never ever keep.
Dean smeared red stains away from his brother's tender features. It was the strangest feeling - at that exact moment he knew that he was willing to give up his life and his soul just to break that one damn promise.
'You're gonna live, Sammy'. He mumbled it without any actual sound and he hoped that his brother didn’t hear it. A promise is a promise, even if you’re going to break it and burn in hell afterwards.

Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Sirius/Remus
Word: tie

Sirius is so proud - he's all dressed up. Remus is smiling slightly - his friend is so silly and yet adorable. Sirius didn't care much about clothes - ever. But today was the day when James got marries, so it was worth all the fuss.
'This tie is ridiculous! Where did you get it?"
Sirius sounds irritated. Remus stands up from his sofa and goes to the kitchen. Sirius is waiting for reply but doesn't get any. He tries to pretend he doesn't care why Remus is so weird today. He gives up 5 minutes later (an eternity in his mind). Sirius finds Remus by the window. It's raining outside. Sirius can feel that something big is happening now. He just can't get what it is.
Remus doesn't turn. So Sirius embraces his from behind. He puts his head on Remus' shoulder. Sirius finally realizes what he's supposed to say.
'I love this tie'.
Remus smiles weary. Sirius kisses him on the neck. Just as simple as that.
Since that day they're not only friends anymore.

Fandom: Heroes
Pairing: Claire/Peter
Word: Sweet

Peter has seen different women in his life - harsh, gorgeous, cruel, brain-melting-sexy. He believed that sweetness in a girl is cheesy and unnecessary. Yet when Claire smiles at him Peter knows that he's never been more wrong in his life (about women, anyway). He still remembers the tender touch of her hand, the softest caress of her hair, the warmest glow of her eyes. Peter knows that if he could fly he'd be soaring in the skies right now - just thinking about Claire and her sweetness.

fandom: CSI:Miami
Pairing: Horatio/Calleigh
Word: Tears
(I haven't seen it in ages, so I'm shooting in the dark ;) ).

Horatio is very good at reading people. He doesn't like when women cry - it weirds him out, to be honest. But sometimes he wishes that Calleight would cry on his shoulder. She's stronger than anyone he knows. She's holding everything inside. And it's breaking her slowly. Corroding her sanity, day by day. It's so slow and deep under the surface that to anyone she'll look like a picture perfect. Horatio wants her to be this way, not just appear like she's totally fine. That's why sometimes he puts a hand on her shoulder - for no apparent reason. Or he asks "Are you okay" when it's not very necessary. On a rare days he can even stand a bit too close to her - like a solid wall she can always lean on. Horatio feels that she's very good at reading people too. Especially at reading him. That's why she's allowing all that. And he's okay with that - as long as Calleigh knows that he cares about her.

Harry Potter
keyword: mobile phone.

I presume it's Harry/Draco, not Hermione/Draco (despite your icon ;) ).

Harry lived happily ever after. At least all his friends thought that his life was a miracle. Sure, he survived the Great Magic War, but in the end he wished he didn't. Harry knew it was very insensitive of him to be so ungrateful. But he really didn't care anymore. He appeared quite happy and satisfied for his friends and it was enough. In the dark of his room he was a ruined shadow of his younger self. He would look around when eyes would adjust to the blackness of surroundings, and pick things that Draco would never ever see. That book on muggle's fake magical stuff. The newest broom with a tricky seat that would fit for the owner only. The set of enchanted quills that could write in visible and invisible ink at the same time.
Loud ring ripped Harry from his thoughts. It was Ron calling. Harry replied with a trained smile - "Hey, buddy".
With a grim desperation he thought "Draco would never see cell phones. Ever." and switched on the light in the room
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  • Ready icons

    Here we go. Aren't they pretty? :) Preview: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10…

  • Ready icons

    Here are your icons :) (I like it when I'm fast :) ). Preview: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10…

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