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15 mini-mini fics + 5 more ;)

You requested 15 mini-mini fics. And here they are! :)
Comment are pure love, really. Even if you didn't request a fic, you can write a couple of words and I'll be happy ;))

01. Buffy: Xander/Dawn, "future"
For duchessofavalon.

Xander can appreciate irony. Although he hates it in his life. For example, when Dawn was annoying teenager and had a crush on him - well, it was cute and funny. And now, when she's such a tease, Xander has a crush on her. And, of course, just to make his life even more complicated, Dawn's temporally living in his apartment (she'll move to her new place in two weeks). But it's okay. Everything will work out.
"Xander, have you seen my bra? The one with black stripes?"
Or maybe not.

02. Supernatural: Dean/Sam, "pancakes"
For jeyhawk.

Sam damns the moment he suggested they should eat properly and dragged Dean to this cafe. Now Dean is sitting with a pretty local girl, eating pancakes. And Sam is sulking alone. He remembers the times when Dean would pour him a glass of milk, give him 3 pancakes (no more, no less) and just sit with him, waiting for the dish so he could wash it and be free of all this parenting stuff. And now Dean is playing with his glass of Coke, teasingly smoothing evaporating drops, and licking his lips suggestively - the usual routine. The girl is melting. So Dean makes his final move - he cuts a bit of pancake for her and puts it into her mouth, slowly, tenderly.
For christ's sake! It's almost like they're having sex in a cafe!
Sam is irritated beyond belief. And he realizes how childish it might be, and that his brother has some needs, and that in a couple of hours they'll hit the road again, and nothing would change. But still, he feels crappy.
Dean is leaving with this girl. And on his way out he turns a little, winks at Sam, smiles at the corner of his mouth, and then he's attention is on a girl again - full force. Charming eyes, adorable looks and promising touches.
Sam rolls eyes, finishes his breakfast and goes off for a walk. That girl can get his brother for a couple of hours, but Sam will have him forever after.

03. Supernatural: Sam/Dean, "wrong"
For pixie_hollow.

Over the last couple of months the word "wrong" was said too many times. When Dean missed his turn to a small town with crazy families and possessed animals. When Sam forget salt at the hotel. When Dean shot a real person instead of a ghost. When Sam bought beer that tasted like crap. When Dean said that Sam wouldn't dare to hook up with the first girl they met. When Sam miscalculated the danger of a cursed book.
The word "wrong" was uttered, split out, shouted, whispered and blurted out countless times. Yet it was never said during long nights filled with sensual touching, passionate kisses and rough sex. Because everything was perfectly right.

04. House MD: House/Cameron, "lips"
For lunglock.

Cameron is used to House's abuse. It doesn't mean much. In a way, he shows his affection through cruelty. It's all very messed up, but he really cares.
This time he's one on one with Cameron. It's late, they both are tired, House's stubble is too dark for Cameron's liking. And she looks like hell herself. But, well, they're not a beauty pageant's contestants. They just saved a little girl's life. Though it was by mistake, really. A miracle. They screwed up a lot this time, and even House's brilliant (and crazy) genius couldn't solve this puzzle. Poor girl just got lucky. That's why House is frustrated and he's telling Cameron off.
"So the next time you want to use your brain and not just your looks - don't hesitate to do it! Because, really, if I wanted something pretty in my office, I'd just print my life-size photo and put it on a cardboard for all of you to admire."
Cameron is pissed off. A lot. She tried to save this girl, she even agreed to half-legal procedure (of course it didn't help), she is exhausted and she doesn't deserve all this. She starts saying it out loud, but House cuts her off.
"You couldn't be more useless if you tried. Now, go, go, before your car turns into a pumpkin."
Cameron shakes her head, refusing to be pulled into another fight. When she's closing the door behind her, Cameron can swear that she sees a glimpse of a smile on House's lips. Then again, it can be just a trick of light.

05. Firefly: Mal/Inara, "candle"
For jeckastar33.

Inara is smiling, tenderness is glowing in her eyes. Her client keeps mumbling those silly, sweet things.
"You're as delicate as a candle on a wind. You give me freedom and hope."
Inara touches her client's face and kisses it tenderly with butterfly lightness.
"I could watch you forever. You fascinate me like a candle's light - so hot and yet so endless."
Inara traces her fingers down client's shoulders and smoothly stands up. The time is up. Not a minute more.
She's still warm and has wonderful after-sex glow. Her eyes are kind and reassuring. The client picks up his clothes with visible disappointment, dresses up and leaves Inara to her thoughts.
She's back to her real self. She can finally slip out her mask of loving and caring. She's not pretending with her clients - no, she simply changes for those minutes and hours. It's like the most honest play she can manage.
Though if another client would compare her to a candle - she'll strangle him and won't feel guilty. After all, how can they be so vulgar? Oh, please, she's not a candle. She's not some fragile princess waiting to be saved. She's a real woman, flesh and blood - not some silly, poetic wax.
"Inara, are you done whoring around?"
And without further warning, Mal is in her room. Crowding it, taking up all her space. And though she's ready to say something bitter and yet distant, inside she's smiling. She's definitely not a candle for Mal. And that's the best thing in the world, really.

06. House MD: House/Cameron, "candy"
For katievol.

"What do you mean, you don't eat candy?!"
House's voice is high and incredulous. Cameron shoves him results of MRI.
"I just don't. We should concentrate on those blurry areas of frontal..."
She's cut off with a cane, lowering MRI shots.
"This can wait. Are you diabetic? Do you believe only skinny people are happy? Or do you think that candy conglomerates are making you buy chocolate and sweets so that you get sick and spend more money on the medicine?"
Cameron is rolling her eyes, carefully removing a cane and showing MRI results to House once again.
"I really think it might help us solve this ca..."
House licks his lollipop and rises one eyebrow.
"Oh, I get it. You think it's too childish and you're all serious and grown-up for that."
Cameron waves MRI papers in front of House and waits.
"Well, doctor Cameron, I'll look at them if you lick my lollipop."
House knows that she won't do it, and she knows that he knows that she won't do it, so she simply takes his hand with a lollipop and slowly licks it - her gaze never leaving House's rounded eyes. Then she sucks lollipop again and finally lets it go. House's hand is still stuck mid-air, his breathing a bit off, but the next second he's smiling like a madman.
"Didn't know you're such a naughty girl. I bet you're into spanking too."
Before she can react, Chase and Foreman are back from the lab, and House is grabbing those MRI result without looking at Cameron. And it's work, work, work again. It's for the better - Cameron says to herself, as she licks the remains of sweet candy from her lips.

07. X-Files: Mulder/Scully, "teasing humor"
For lonnerz.

"If someone were to make a show about us, my part would definitely be played by Brad Pitt."
Mulder says it so seriously, Scully is speechless for a moment.
"Oh, please, tell me you're kidding."
"Why not? I mean, I have a slim yet athletic body, piercing eyes and sexy charm that ladies love so much."
Scully scoffs and looks at the road. The night is pitch black and headlights pick up only random trees on the sideways. Mulder is driving with his eyes focused ahead of them, but she can see the glint of something very light and warm in them.
"So if you're Brad Pitt, then I'll be Angelina, right?"
Without missing a bit, Mulder nods.
"Yes, sure."
Scully palms her face, no longer being able to hold on laughter.
"What?" - Mulder is genuinely surprised by her reaction.
Scully just shakes her head.
"Nothing, really. I just pictured myself riding a horse and shooting from arbalest. It would be a magnificent show. Really. The most popular ever."
Mulder smiles wholeheartedly.
"I believe it would be."
And then he's deep in his thoughts again. And Scully feels that sleep is luring her into its arm. So she closes eyes, a shadow of smile still lingering on her lips.

08. Supernatural: Sam/Sarah, "secret"
For lunaserenade.

Dear, lunaserenade! OMG! I just realized that you asked for Dean/Sarah, not Sam/Sarah. Oh my! Well, anyway, since I already posted it for you in comments and you liked it (yay), I'll leave it as "Sam/Sarah". ;))

"Dean, do you want to know a secret?"
Sam is sleepy from all-night ride and he looks dreamy and ruffled and almost girly.
"Don't I ever?"
Dean voice is sarcastic, but Sam can hear the notes of real interest in it.
"Remember that girl we met, Sarah?"
Dean silently nods, obviously curious about what Sam is going to tell him.
"I slept with her."
Dean's fingers tighten around the wheel and it's a miracle that he doesn't drive the car into a nearest lamp post.
Sam is grinning. He's so pleased with himself it's annoying.
"Dude, I know I told you to merry her, but to jump the poor girl only to leave her the morning after?"
Sam is a bit disappointed by brother's reaction.
"Look who's talking."
Dean almost starts his tirade about his own needs and how Sammy would never understand it, then he sees that Sam is watching, waiting for his outburst and something is terribly off about it. Wait a minute. There couldn't be any ‘night' with Sarah. They simply didn't have time. And he kept an eye on Sammy when they were there. Oh, he's such a jerk.
"You're such a jerk, you know that?"
Sam, with his cover blown, rolls with laughter - well, just as much as Impala allows him to roll.
"You totally bought it, didn't you?"
Dean looks annoyed, but he's not and Sam knows it. They have a long road ahead and it's good to have some laughs while you can.

09. The Office: Michael/Jan, "alcohol"
For paintedrainbows.

"You said you had high tolerance for alcohol, Michael!"
Jan was mad, but her professional side was taking over. She needed to rule out this work-space conflict and only then she could yell and beat the crap out of her boyfriend.
"My love, my dear, sweet Jan, you don't see the whole picture. It was just a corporate party to celebrate Oscar's reunion with his partner. You see, we aren't homophobic! It's really good for the company's image."
Jan folded hands on her chest.
"Oh, really? They why are you dressed like that?"
"To show my support for Oscar. He's a great guy. Guy's guy. Great guy's guy. I'm sure his partner is great. Great guy. His partner."
Michael was wasted. He was trailing off. And he truly wanted to make Jan see that he did it all only to please her. After all, he was the greatest boss ever and he cared about all of his employees. Even the gay, colored or fat ones.
Jan rolled her eyes - any argument would be lost on Michael who could barely stand by this point. She straightened out her jacket and turned to Michael before leaving:
"I'll be waiting in the car. You're in no condition to drive. And please, please, change back to your suit. This pink dress makes you look retarded."
"Your words hurt me, Jan", - Michael shouted her way. He didn't look retarded at all. Why would Jan ever say that? Though dress' design made him look a bit fat. Yep, and how do gays manage to wear dresses and look normal? Michael signed and started unfastening his bra.

10. Harry Potter: Harry/Hermione, "forest"
For lelymarques.

Harry looks out of a window. The forest outside is lighted from within by the setting sun. It's dusk already. He should really be going.
Hermione is putting dishes to the cupboard, Ron is playing with children by the fireplace. Harry feels Hermione's hand on his shoulder. Without looking back, he whispers:
"It's too late."
Her hand is warm and soothing. Harry can feel her hair brushing his face when Hermione puts her head on his shoulder. They stay like this for several more minutes which last forever and end too soon. Ron laughs in the background, children are giggling and the real world is rushing back.
"Yes, it's too late." - Hermione's voice is barely above whisper. It's tender, yet very firm.
Hermione squeezes Harry's arm slightly, kisses him on a cheek - maybe a bit longer than considered to be polite - and then she's gone. Harry hears her calm and slightly patronizing voice.
"Ron, honey, Harry is leaving. I'll get children to bed and you let Harry out, okay?"
Harry puts his usual smile on, shakes all heartbreaking thoughts away. He's ready to go.

11. Battlestar Galactica: Six/Gaius, "soft"
For crimson614.

Gaius is a brilliant scientist - prison or no prison. So it confuses the hell out of him when his mind is helpless with simple numbers.
"Six" is his biggest weakness. She makes him almost an imbecile. Take two her elbows, supporting Six on a bed, add them to one tilt of a head, minus disapproving smile (she's been waiting for too long) and divide it all by one slip of her dress. Or here's another, more difficult equation - take her long, smooth leg, add your own hand (it's five fingers, so Gaius isn't sure about that variable), multiply by her soft moans (1,2,3... and after 7-th Gaius is lost), add infinity of light kisses and then don't forget to sum it all up with a long, mind-blowing orgasm. The result is always the same. And yet Gaius can't comprehend the never-ending number of ways to get it. But he's still a brilliant scientist - and he doesn't give up and keeps searching for the ultimate answer. Over and over again.

12. Supernatural: Dean, "beer"
For gorenhouseygirl.

When Sam first notices that Dean opens beer bottles with his ring, he's curious. So he buys some cheap ring that can be thrown after without any pity, and he tries this trick himself while no one can see. After a couple of lame attempts he's finally able to open beer without any blood-shed. He practices for a couple more days before he starts doing it in bars and motels. He waits for Dean to notice and make a joke or something. But nothing happens. Dean continues to open his beers in smooth, fast movements. One day Sam accidentally scratches his finger, and it hurts, and it's about to bleed, and Sam's irritated and he damns the moment he decided to be as cool as his brother. He swears under his breath and goes to a bathroom before Dean can see anything. Sam takes the ring from bloody finger, tosses it away and he's done. He's not going to copy his brother. He's better than this.
Next morning he finds a small note from Dean "gone for food. be back soon." Then he sees something laying on the note, holding it down - a simple ring without any design whatsoever. Just rounded metal. It's shiny and it's obviously new. Sam grins and puts it on. It's not that bad to be like his brother after all.

13. Heroes: Peter and Nathan, "flying"
For martoufmarty.

Nathan can see Peter's reflection from across the bar. He's talking to some random friend. It's all safe. After everything that's happened Nathan knows his brother will be okay. The danger is avoided, human race is saves and heroes can sleep sound at nights. He smirks. Then Nathan notices something glittering in that anonymous friend's hand. He stands up slowly, eyes focused on Peter's reflection. He can't see the object yet, so he has to straighten up as high as possible and then a friend smiles, and that object is just a posh lighter, and Nathan breaths out. Then he looks down and notices that he's flying again - just a bit, but still. Damn it! One day someone might notice this. It would ruin his political career in a moment. Nathan curses and waits for Peter. His brother would be the one and only reason of his downfall. Peter turns to look at Nathan for a second, smiles apologetically and continues his conversation with a friend. Nathan rolls eyes and orders another beer. He's waiting for his brother, no matter what.

14. Veronica Mars: Logan/Veronica, "Stargate"
For mangobaby716.

"What do you mean, you don't watch Stargate?"
Logan is obviously having too much fun. Veronica slaps him slightly and whispers "I'm not some geek, you know."
"Ouch, that hurt! Because I'm the geek of the geeks."
Logan makes big eyes and pretends his heart is aching.
Veronica rumbles his hair with the sweetest smile possible.
"That's why I love you so."
They both laugh then he kisses her slowly and whispers - "You should watch it, it's great."
Veronica is biting his lip and then she's all sexy and playful - "Only if you promise not to spoil the ending of every episode."
Logan is slowly moving hand up her back, soothing and making small circles -"Deal. Though you should know that Daniel Jackson will die."
Veronica hits Logan teasingly.
"I don't know who he is, silly."
Logan is kissing her neck already.
"That's why I'm telling you."
Veronica wants to tell him that it's still not fair and she's not going to watch Stargate anyway, but when Logan kisses her in the belly she forgets about everything.

15. Firefly: Simon/Kaylee, "check"
For yamikonumber7.

River always feels an urgent need to check in on Simon. He's her silly brother, after all. So the first of couple of times when she sneaks up on him and he notices her, it goes pretty bad. He's all anger, then annoyance, then frustration. All those emotions wash over River. She's hurt. She wanted to make sure that he's okay. That he's not wounded. And all that moaning she hears before coming in - it worries her. And although she's not a child, Simon treats her like one. He starts that weird talk about birds and bees, and how River is not supposed to come in like that, that he's doing his bee-thingies with Kaylee and that River should give them at least some privacy. Finally River lowers her eyes, apologizes with stubbornness of misunderstood little girl, and promises to never behave like this. River keeps her word. She's not sneaking up on Simon and Kaylee anymore. She's spying from afar. Unnoticed, patient and determined in her own rightness. That's what sisters are for.


16. Firefly: Jayne, "dust"
For kitakatzz.

Jayne is restless. He's supposed to be sleeping. Sleep is good. Sleep is necessary. Sleep is not an option. A soldier do what he must.
Yet Jayne stirs under a rough blanket.
Then he gets up, picks up each weapon he has, checks it carefully. Even a tiny speck of dust can cost one's life. He saw other guys getting killed because their guns misfired or stuck.
Screw sleep. Weapons are good. They're necessary.
So the soldier checks them again and puts them lovingly in a row. The view is so perfect, Jayne feels happy and fulfilled. He sits on a chair and waits for another day of work.

17. Harry Potter: Harry/Hermione, "eyes"
For lelymarques.

Harry shouldn't be daydreaming. Especially about his best friend's girlfriend. That's right. Ron and Hermione are an official couple now. Happy smiles, hand-holding, light kisses and all that revolting stuff.
Harry know he shouldn't stare at Hermione longer than before. Yet his eyes travel down the lines of her sweater. It's December, and it's cold. But it's their day off, and Ron is reading a letter from family, Harry is unfocused and Hermione seems a little bit flushed. So she quickly pulls a sweater off. She tries to be smooth and fast. That's why her tight white t-shirt gets pulled up as well and mesmerized Harry catches a glimpse of Hermione's bra. It's simple and not very fancy, but Harry turns bright red. He wants to pretend that nothing happened, and then he notices that Hermione is looking at him -
"Have you heard me, mate! Fleur is pregnant!"
Ron is so excited it's almost ridiculous. Harry smiles and looks at him. So he doesn't know that Hermione's gaze is still focused on him. She carefully straightens her t-shirt and finally looks at her boyfriend, smiles at him and tries to catch up on what is going on.

18. Scrubs: Dr.Cox/J.D., "cookies"
For waterhart.

"What are you doing here, Sally?"
J.D. looks taken aback by such hostility, but he regains his optimism quickly.
"I brought you cookies, dr. Cox," - J.D.'s smile is brighter than the sun, - "I know it's your birthday, so..."
Dr. Cox raises from the sofa he's been resting on during a break.
"Oh! My! God! Kimberly, that's just pathetic!"
J.D. holds out a box with good-smelling cookies. He did them himself, but this better be kept a secret under the circumstances.
"Just try one. It will melt on your mouth like a rainbow after the summer rain!"
Dr. Cox folds hands and takes a step forward.
"Listen, Fluffy McMuffin. If you feel especially gay and girly today, don't try to rub it off on others."
With that Dr. Cox grabs the box with cookies and storms off.
J.D. smiles goofily and thinks that Dr. Cox is all warm and tender inside. Just like those cookies.

19. Angel: Wesley/Fred, "spring"
For deviantfantasy.

Fred is all serious. They've been hunting this demon for several days. And finally some luck. He supposed to be near that cave. But it's safer to wait till dawn, when it falls asleep. It's still several minutes till the sun sets. Fred is sitting on the grass, the sword in her hands. It shines and the reflection of the sun travels through her hair, and then on her dress. Wesley is captivated by this unreal beauty.
He can't see her face, he's guarding her back, so there's no time for fluffy romance. The sun colors everything in red, it's getting dark too fast, Fred stiffens. Then she whispers "let's go" and then move on.
Wesley always regretted that he didn't see Fred's eyes in that eternal sunshine. Didn't imprint every feature of her face, lighted with warmth and glow of a day's final rays.
That's why he breaks his last rule and allows himself this last weakness.
"Would you like me to lie to you now?"
"Yes. Thank you, yes."

20. Veronica Mars: Veronica and Logan, "pretty pink ribbons"
For deadnhollywood7.

Veronica in a fowl mood today. So she cleans her room, scrubs every surface, throws away everything she was going to but somehow didn't.
She's even changing the photos in a frames. She takes her ugly and silly photo to replace it with a more decent and pretty-looking one, when she notices another photograph under the old portrait. It's a silly trick she loved when she was little - to hide something only to find it a couple of weeks later. This trick was more long-playing. The photo was a little faded away, but still good. It was a childhood picture of her in the yard of her old home. She was standing like a little princess - in a white dress with pretty pink ribbons and a small silver crown. It was her birthday, the one she remembers as the happiest she ever had.
Veronica wants to be happy again. To be innocent. To feel simplicity and greatness of life. To know that everything will be okay.
Instead she types sms ("grab smth sweet plz"), sends it to Logan and leaves this old photo in a frame.

Oh, and pimping writing_game :)

P.S. Just in case - here're some of my previous mini-mini-fics.
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  • Ready icons

    Here we go. Aren't they pretty? :) Preview: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10…

  • Ready icons

    Here are your icons :) (I like it when I'm fast :) ). Preview: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10…

  • Maine coons icons

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