November 29th, 2005

Light on a road (детство)

Another GOF video - this time it's Ron/Krum :)

Yay!! It's finally ready! :)) And, for a change, it'll be not a depressing, but very-very cute and lovely and funny video :)

Title: "Can't take my eyes off you"
Pairing: Ron/Krum
Summary: Ron is in love. In a manly way, of course :) It's supposed to be a really funny video. I was hysterical while making it.
Warning: Contains many scenes from GOF movie.
Size: 9 Mb
Download: here

(P.S. - oh, and by the end Ron is upset, because Krum is leaving. Just so you know :) )

I'm really fond of this video, and I'll be happy if you comment on it! :)))

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