October 12th, 2006

Light on a road (детство)

House moodtheme - animated

Animated House and Wilson moodtheme. How great is that?! :))))

It is officially the most difficult moodtheme that I ever made.
Luckily for you, all pictures can be used as icons too - since I made them quite small (under 40 kb).

And I'd love to thank di_br for creating amazing House/Wilson video "One week" that I cut for those animated mood-theme-thingies. THANK YOU! I urge you to go and watch this video. It's so much, much, much better than this moodtheme. It's bigger, it's greater and it has music! :)) Really, watch it please. You'll love it! :) It inspired me to create this amazingly-hard-to-make-moodtheme, so imagine how great this video is! :)

Now off to this glorious moodtheme.


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