March 16th, 2007

Light on a road (детство)

A game

Happily stolen from indilime:
I've made a list of 10 characters and assigned them all numbers. Ask me questions about them ("Is 3 human?", "Who's smarter, 4 or 5?", "Would #9 kick #7's ass?", "Is # 2 sexy?") and I'll answer. Your mission is to discover which character is which.

(I'll be going with tv-characters this time).

I'm sooo in love with this game right now! oh my! :)

1. Mal Reynolds (Firefly) - goddess_of_ice
2. Angela (The Office) - oregonblondie
3. Eric Foreman (House M.D.) - midwest_sky
4. Juliet Burke (Lost) - sapphire_raine
5. Tobias Funke (Arrested Development) - commievampire
6. Sylar (Heroes) - midwest_sky
7. Dr. Cox (Scrubs) - commievampire
8. Cordelia Chase (Buffy, Angel) - okalani
9. Lee "Apollo" Adama (Battlestar Galactica) - zed_pm
10. Sam Winchester (Supernatural) - engel_del_mar

Updated: 1 rule. Only 1 rule - don't ask me the name of the show this character in. Everything else is totally okay! :)

It goes without saying, but you can read other people's questions and then suggest your own answers.
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