October 30th, 2007

Light on a road (детство)

Fics and meme

I'll write 7 drabbles (or, as I call them "mini-mini fics" :) ). 1 per person.
Comment with a name of your fandom, a pairing and a key-word (that I'll have to use).

Fandoms that I know (more or less)
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As always, I can try to write about almost every pairing you want, no matter how weird it might be.

anyway, ready fics:
House/Cameron, bondage (House MD)
Marc and Justin, faghag (Ugly Betty)
Harry/Luna, bubbles (Harry Potter)
Claire/Isaacs, trust (Heroes)
Daniel/Alexis, candy (Ugly Betty)
Peter/Claier, perfection (Heroes)
Remus/Sirius, grayscale (Harry Potter)

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