December 11th, 2007

Light on a road (детство)

Smallville video - Clark/Kara

Clark/Kara vid. I wouldn't think of that pairing if not for Clark's reaction which you can see at the very beginning (when he's backing off). I think it's really telling of him ;) Other than that - if you don't like an idea of that pairing, don't watch. I'm not forcing anyone. I made this video for fun and pleasure.

Title: Flying high
Fandom: "Smallville"
Pairing: Clark/Kara (gasp! oh, the shock!)
Summary: "I know that we can't be together/But, I just like to dream"
Size: 14 Mb (in wmv)
Warning: spoilers for 7x08.
Download: right here (right click - save as...).
And here's an Imeem link (just in case).

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