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Fics and meme

I'll write 7 drabbles (or, as I call them "mini-mini fics" :) ). 1 per person.
Comment with a name of your fandom, a pairing and a key-word (that I'll have to use).

Fandoms that I know (more or less)

Arrested Development
Battlestar Galactica
Grey's anatomy
Harry Potter
House MD
Life on Mars
Stargate: Atlantis
(don't know well, but I'm willing to try)
The office
Ugly Betty

As always, I can try to write about almost every pairing you want, no matter how weird it might be.

anyway, ready fics:
House/Cameron, bondage (House MD)
Marc and Justin, faghag (Ugly Betty)
Harry/Luna, bubbles (Harry Potter)
Claire/Isaacs, trust (Heroes)
Daniel/Alexis, candy (Ugly Betty)
Peter/Claier, perfection (Heroes)
Remus/Sirius, grayscale (Harry Potter)

this way

House: House/Cameron, bondage for katievol (sorry, no bondage, but I came as close as it was possible ;) )

Cameron annoys House. The way she bites her juicy crimson apple, lightly touching her lips after a bite, to wipe away sugary juice.
'I still believe that you should at least try to help this patient, House'.
Another bite, another lick and wipe.
'Her CT scan was negative... House, are you even listening?!'
Apple is frozen mid-air.
'What? No, I was just trying to imagine what kind of sexy underwear you've got under your boring set of nauseatingly pink scrubs.'
Another bite of an apple and a knowing smile.
'So you were planning to help her and just came here to see me.'
House sighs, rolls eyes with theatrical and overdramatical 'You know me too well!' and starts limping away.
He's almost past hearing distance when she says:
'No underwear.'
House almost stumbles, hears her laugh merrily, and goes on. Damn that girl and her annoying apple.

Ugly Betty: Marc and Justin, faghag for not_purrrfect (I'm a total fangirl of Marc/Cliff, by the way. and I couldn't use faghag, but I hope you'll like it anyway ;) )

When Justin hears that Marc is seeing some new guy, he feels a stab of jealosy. Not of a romantic kind, eww, but of a professional and general and Justic can't explain it, not really. Last month had been dreadful and terrible and all kinds of nasty, and this new guy - Stiff? Cliff or something - is just a last drop in a huge, enormous sea of dissapointments. One day Justin marches to The Mode's office, ready to be mean and cold and distant to Marc - if he meets him, of course, and Justin has little doubts about it - but Marc is nowhere to be seen. And Betty mentions some last-minute photoshoot that Daniel decided to add to the next issue of the magazine. So Justin feels angry and weak, and today is another shitty day and maybe it'd be great to do something risky and daring - not like stealing a car, of course, but something just as brave. And then he sees a snap photo of Marc with someone who must be, well, no one, considering his taste in clothes. 'Oh, yes, that's Cliff', says Betty, while gathering her stuff and ready to finally go home. 'Him?!' - Justin has never been that surprised in his whole life. This ordinary, strange dude is Marc's boyfriend? And suddenly Justin doesn't want to steal cars or anything, he feels at peace, almost happy. 'Let's grab some pizza, what do you think Justin?' - Betty is smiling and Justin can't help it - he's grinning like a fool. 'Sounds great!'

Harry Potter: Harry/Luna, bubbles for neshel (I noticed that every fic gets longer and longer. oh, and I just have to say that I really love Luna and that would've been great if she ended up with Harry ;))

'What do you mean you can't make bubbles, Harry?!'
Luna is gasping and Harry is blushing a little bit.
'How do you entertain you children, then?'
Luna looks absolutely shocked and Harry has to think of an excuse.
'Well, we know a lot of games and I teach them how to make...'
Luna looks sceptical and Harry just shuts up.
'Look, it's really easy. You just have to imagine sun and ocean and the way water just flies toward light, one bubble after another.'
It's time for Harry to be sceptical.
'Are you sure there isn't *any* spell for that? Because, uh, it would've been so much easier.'
Luna tsks him and continues.
'Bubbles are not about spells. It's about inner magic. You have to try it to believe it.'
Harry is patient and calm and so not amused. He waves his wand - which is ten times more powerful than any wizard could hope to have - and nothing.
Luna is patient too, so she hugs Harry from behind and wispers.
'Close your eyes, Harry.'
Trying to breathe as usual despite warm body pressing to him and blonde hair tickling his shoulders, Harry obeys.
'Now imagine that you're standing by the ocean and its waves are sparkling in the sun.'
Harry can feel her hands moving just slightly to hug him more tighly, her hair now tickling his cheaks and her breathe warm by his neck.
'And every drop of that ocean want to fly, higher and higher, feeling a fresh air within and the brightest light around.'
Harry breathes in - summer breeze, Luna's tender smell, something unrecognizable that could be wild flowers - and his wand erupts with hundreds of glittering, sparlking bubbles.
Luna is smiling to his back, her hands sliding away - 'See, it was fun.'
And with that she's gone - probably back to Potter's house. She loves helping Ginny to cook dinner.
Harry smiles and a new wave of sunny bubbles flies away and up, up, up.

Heroes: Claire/Isaacs, trust for bringthefate (see, every fic gets longer and longer :) Oh, and I hope that my idea for this fic becomes clear by the end. oh, well ;) )

Claire knows that rules are made for breaking them. She herself is an exception of human nature and she can live with that. What she can't really understand how come that she dreams about a guy that she doesn't know. At all. He's cute and it's understandable. But still, she's kinda dating right now - and West is lovely and sexy and all. Yet every night Claire waits for her dream's visitor. He's older than her. He's probably Peter's age. And Claire refuses to think about Peter. It's just too much and she's not ready to handle it right now. Too many tears, too many sleepless nights. So she closes her eyes tightly and waits for a dream.
He's different every time. He wears strange clothes. Claire thinks he doesn't think it's important - his outlook. Yet he's very special. Claire can feel it. She asks him every time - who he is, what he wants, what's his name, what his does, why he's here. But he's quiet. Sometimes his fingers are covered in paint. It's weird, but Claire likes it. His hands look like sculptures she saw at a museum - long, slim figers, beautiful lines. She wants to touch them, but he never lets her. He usually sits by her. Or stands near a window - there are always windows in these dreams - and Claire wants to ask him all those questions again, but she's too tired and she knows it's pointless. So she comes to that window and stands quietly, glancing at Him from time to time. Claire tried to think of a name for him, but nothing fitted him.
Claire starts daydreaming sometimes. She thinks that He - and she closes her eyes just for a second - would've like that scenery. Or that He - another second and she can almost picture him sitting with her on a bench - would've helped her with her problems. But then someone comes and asks her something, of West comes by to steal a kiss from her - and her secret dream stranger is gone, almost forgotten.
One day she saw a guy on a street - he was almost invisible, with his baggy clothes and slight limpiness - and she could swear he looked like Him. She tried following him, but her dad was somehow hearby, he stopped her and offered to have a coffe and a cake. And it was too strange to even think about - shouldn't dad be working at that hour - but Claire knew too well not to ask such question, so she simply drank her coffee and tried to forget about that bizzare man from a street.

Ugly Betty: Daniel/Alexis, candy for weehobbit (I was trying to handle this matter as delicately as possible. actually before last episode I could've hooked them up much more easily, but now I had to really work my way through their difficulties ;) ).

It's hard for Daniel to stay mad at Alexis for too long. For Chist's sake, he was just as guilty as Alexis, though he didn't plan to kill his dad, but it was just a matter of time. Every time Daniel tried to persuade himself that Alexis was a cruel, terrible person who deserved to be punished, he felt that it wasn't really his place to be all dignified and proper.
So one day he ends this charade by offering Alexis a candy. A simple, bright, sugary candy. And Alexis takes it without words. It's not peace yet, but it's so very close.
Daniel knows that Alexis wants to talk, maybe even to hug, and it's all too soon, so he leaves before anything can happen.
Next time he sees her, she's in less slutty outfit than usual (she feels worthless and he wants to reassure her that everything will be better, but it would be a lie), so he comes up to her and opens one button on her cotton white shirt. She's amused - more by the proximity of Daniel and the fact that he's not afraid to be by her - than by the act itself. But Daniel still feels that he has to explain: 'It'll help to get her advertisers.'
Alexis smiles, pushes up her bra and winks. They're almost talking like before - not quite, but it's better than nothing.
Then everything happens too fast - they have to change Mode's design yet again, they have to find more money, to find new articles, make new photoshoot. And there just is no time for their petty innter troubles, so they're talking and arguing and even joking from time to time, then arguing some more. And then they're just too tired and everything is behind and they're drunk at Daniel's apartment and it would've been so wonderful if they weren't so fucking exhausted and exanimated.
'I think about turning brunette.'
Alexis is lying on Daniel's bed and her brother is sitting on the floor, kicking empty bottle of wine, while drinking from another.
'No way!'
Daniel is slurring a bit, but it's not noticable because he can't form long sentences anyway.
'Yes way! I'd love to change. So that everyone would take me more seriously!'
Daniel is trying to face Alexis, fails, so he just climbes on the bed and stares at his sister.
'I like you blonde.'
Alexis blushes a bit and continues.
'Besides I'd be more like my former me if I turn brunette.'
Daniel is almost sleeping by that point.
'That's why I like you blonde.'
Alexis waits for an explanation, but nothing happens. She nudges Daniel a bit with a "why?". He opens his eyes and looks at her for awhile. Then he strokes her blonde lock and sighs in defeat.
'Because then I can pretend that you're not my brother.'
And Daniel looks more sober than ever and Alexis feels her heart sank and her heartbit raise, but she can't say a thing. They lay quietly before falling asleep just several inches apart.

Heroes: Peter/Claire, perfection for eclipsed_sky (I was thinking about writing something that happened in season 1, but then decided that it wouldn't be really believable ;) )

Peter can't sleep. Not really. He dozes off sometimes, but other than that he's alert, tense and, well, lost. That damn box with random items didn't help that much. And Caitlin - she's a nice lad, and her brother wasn't that bad, and it all happened because of Peter and it's a bad train of thoughts, so Peter tries to think about something else. Anything else. His past, for example. But nothing comes up. No images, no names. It's like an empty space, vacuum of thoughts. It's kind of scary but Peter is not scared easily. When he finally starts dreaming it's all in random flashes of light - red, white, yellow - too bright for eyes. And then it all settles into blue nought. Peter feels someone by his side. He can't see that person. He's not recognizing this stranger. But Peter is sure that it's his ally, and this person means a lot to him. And that he's got to do something. To protect, to find, to see, to know. Because this person is perfection in its true form. And it's the only thing that Peter is certain about.

Harry Potter: Remus/Sirius, grayscale for faito_oh (I'm terribly sorry that this story turned that depressive and strange and I know that it's not what you were expecting. oh, well. but I wrote it and I don't want to erase it).

Harry knows better than to think of world in black and white. He learned it the hard way - everything can fit into grayscale and there will always be someone for whom black will look white and vise versa. Even the ultimate evil - Voldemort - was loved by its followers. At least by some of them. It didn't meant that he shouldn't have been killed, of course. Yet Harry felt too black sometimes, too grim and hollow. Then he would remember his friends. Lupin and Tonks. And Remus. And even Draco. Not a friend, but hardly a foe. Friendship was such a pompous and overrated word sometimes. Remus and Lupin were friends, yet Harry felt that "friendship" was too small word in this case. "Soulmates" would be too profound, but more accurate. Lovers, friends, mates - it hardly mattered in the end when they fought side by side, like unstoppable energy. Harry wasn't sure if he'd be able to think of his friends - dead friends - with less blackness of sorrow and sadness and more whiteness of gratitude and joy. But maybe it was just a matter of time. It washes away all the colors and leaves only harsh facts for the future generations to judge.


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  • "Sherlock Holmes" vid

    Title: What do you want from me? Pairing: Holmes/Watson. Plot: very close to the move. Holmes' POV. Download: 1. 18mb - here (right click,…

  • Ready icons

    Here we go. Aren't they pretty? :) Preview: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10…

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    Guess what? I'll make you icons with your usernames. Though right now I'm not sure how they'll look like ;) Hopefully, they'll be cute :) To