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Light on a road (детство)

Severus&Lucius video - "Poison"

I was so happy that you liked my Harry/Draco video - "Look what you've done", I decided to try another great pairing - Severus&Lucius :)

Title: "Venomous poison"
Music: by Alice Cooper
Summary: Luicus is poisonous. Severus is... well... infected :)
I think it's very funny and sexy video :)
Size: 6,5 Mb (in wmv)
Download: right here!!!

Made for special request by underlucius :))

I hope you'll like it :))

Please, comment and tell me what do you think about that vid! :)))

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Light on a road (детство)

Harry&Draco video - "Look what you've done"

New vid - Harry&Draco

Title: "Look what you've done"
Music: by Jet
Summary: Draco is making fun of their relationships. Harry is torn and realizes that he and Draco have to break up. (The whole video is from Harry POV)
Size: 9 Mb (in wmv)
Download: right here!!!

Dedicated to ladyvader who inspired me to think about Harry Potter again, and that pairing - in particualar :)) (if you haven't read her "Friend like me"... well, you missed the greatest thing in your life! :) )

Also it's for dreambastion who's fic "Fade" which is ten times better than that vid :))) Go on, read it! :))

Please, comment if you download, if you watch it - whenever you liked it or not! I'll apprecialy any kind of feedback. It was really hard to make, and I'm afraid that idea of that video might be a bit messy... but, hey, I tried!!! :))

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