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Light on a road (детство)

russian videos

since I'm not locking any entries... :)

I made 4 videos - but they're on russian and about russian guys :)

1. "Stradaniya" (Cruel Love). Music by Oleg Menshikov & Diskoteka Avaria.
funny video about "Zolotoy telenok". at first I wanted to make video only about Menshikov and his close friend Tatarenkov, but then decided to make just something light and funny. so here we go.
You can download it HERE (3,5 mb) or HERE (8 mb).

2. "Ya i ne znal" (How could I've known). Music by F.Kirkorov.
Slashy video about Andrej and Roman from "Ne rodis krasivoy". Andrej suffers because Roman can't admit he has any serious feelings. So he wants to break up.
Feel free to download it HERE (4 mb).

3. "Lublu" (Love you). Music by Noskov.
Russia, beginning of XX century. Detective Fandorin is trying to catch terrorist Grin. In my version of events, Grin falls in love with Fandorin, lol :) Fandom - "Statskii Sovetnik". Menshikov, Khabenskii. Lovely pair ;)
You can download this video HERE (3 mb).

4. "On menja ne nashel" (He didn't find me). Music by S. Rotaru.
The same fandom, but more tragic version. Fandorin didn't want to find and save Grin.
You can get this video HERE (5 mb).

Enjoy! :))

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