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Light on a road (детство)

new video "All about us" (from Day Watch) (update)

I was so inspired by "Day Watch" movie, that I made that lovely, fluffy, romantic video. I'm really in love with it, so I urge you to download it. I know that 99,99% of my dear lj-readers haven't seen "Day Watch" - so now it's your chance to see the best thing that russian cinema can offer you :)))))))

Title: "It's all about us"
Summary: Blonde girl, Sveta, meets this men in underground, Anton. Later Anton has to change bodies with brunette girl, Olga. Guess what happens next? He comes to Sveta and... You have to download my video to see what happens next! lol! :)
Warnings: Well, you can guess by now, that it'll be girly video :))) Oh, and it's also a short, simple video. 1,5 min.
Download: here (4 mb, not that big, right? ;) )

I'd love to get feedback and I'll be happy if you donwload that video at all! :)

UPDATE: I made a longer video. It's 3 minutes long; 7,5 mb; more action and a bit more passion. I spent two days on it, yet something is still a bit off... but it's ok:)) Please, feel free to download it here. And I'd love to get any feedback (as always :) ).

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Light on a road (детство)

52 "Daywatch" icons

I was checking my computer for viruses. It took a long time. And I coudn't turn my pc off, so I was working in photoshop a bit longer than usual. That's why you'll get 48 "Arrested Development", 52 "Daywatch" and 30 "Harry Potter" icons (in separate posts, of course:) ).


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