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Light on a road (детство)

Supernatural manip/header

I made this header several months ago (I planned to use it for another journal, but it didn't go very well, so, anyway, here it goes).
You can use it for whatever purposes you like.
And yes, it's a wincest. The rating might be PG-13 or higher. I don't know ;) At least they're fully clothed on that manip.

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Light on a road (детство)

Supernatural mood theme - animated!

Yay! I finally made it! :)))

"Supernatural" animated mood theme.

Almost all caps are from wonderful videos by Wolfpup. If not for those brilliant videos, there won't be any SPN mood theme. So, please, if you can, go to Wolfpup's site and download a couple of vids. I'm sure you'll love them!

Anyway, off to this glorious mood theme! :) It can be considered slashy. Or not.
I was very ambivalent about it :)

As always - this moodtheme will work for all accounts (basic, plus, paid).


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Light on a road (детство)

28 "Supernatural" icons (mostly animated) - Wincest

Have you seen michaela3105's brilliant, breathtaking, gorgeous and stunning video Crash? You know, the one where Dean and Sam are actually kissing? If you haven't, you're missing so much in this life! :)) Seriously! It's so wonderful, I couldn't help but make these animated icons.

michaela3105 did all the manips herself (and I was just "wow" and "it's too pretty to be true"), so I just used them. Not much work on my part :)

michaela3105 - thank you so much for letting me use your manips! they're amazing! :)

I also made some icons from 1.08 & 1.22 (mostly with John).


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Light on a road (детство)

Supernatural vid - Never let you go (Sam/Dean)

So here I am. In the end this video turned out to be quite good. Not perfect, but lovely.

Title: Never let you go
Fandom: Supernatural
Music: Dima Bilan
Spoilers: up to 2x11
Summary: Sam has some feelings, and for obvious reasons Dean is trying to shut those feelings down ;)
Link: offline.

I won't use the word that starts with "win" and ends with "est". But I think you know what I mean.

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