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Light on a road (детство)

"If we kissed" - Wendy/Cath video

Here's another short video for extremely rare pairing - Wendy/Cath.

Title: If we kissed
Pairing: Wendy/Cath.
Summary: Wendy is secretly in love with Catherine.
(And did you know that Liz Vassey (Wendy) played gay cop on "Nikky and Nora"? You can see it here, at kccb' journal).
Size: 3,2 Mb (in wmv)
Download: right here (right click - save as...) or watch it at YouTube.

comments are pure love! :)

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Light on a road (детство)

"We might as well..." - short Cath/Sara video

Cath/Sara video. Yay! Though it's really, really short. I realised that it was going to some dark places and I didn't want it to. So I stopped mid-way. I'm planning to make a happier Cath/Sara video later.
This one is not bad, it's just short ;))

Title: We might as well...
Pairing: post Cath/Sara.
Summary: Sara is with Grissom now. And Catherine has to get used to it.
Sara is all distant now and Grissom won't tell the truth. So Cath and Sara might as well be strangers now.
Notes: it's from Cath's point of view. And it's short. And sad.
Size: 3 Mb (in wmv)
Download: right here (right click - save as...) or watch it at YouTube.

and yep, comments are love! :)

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Light on a road (детство)

"Is that alright?" - Sara/Sofia video (CSI)

When I heard "9 crimes" by Damien Rice I knew I had to make video with it. So I ended up with very sad and tender Sara/Sofia vid.
It's almost canonic (in a sence that Sara is with Grissom now. though she was with Sofia before that). Though I can't say that I'm a real shipper. I believe in different choices.

Title: Is that alright?
Pairing: post Sara/Sofia.
Summary: Sad little story about Sofia and Sara.
They were together, but then accident with shooting happened and Sara left Sofia for Grissom. Sofia thinks it's not alright, but can't do anything about it.
Notes: the first part of song is from Sofia's point of view. The second part (sang by male ;) ) is from Sara's pov. I hope it won't be too distracting or confusing. And if it is... well... I did my best ;)
Size: 7,7 Mb (in wmv)
Download: right here (right click - save as...) or watch it at YouTube.

and comments are love! :)

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Light on a road (детство)

CSI:NY video - Danny/Mac

Title: "I'm not over you yet"
Pairing: Mac/Messer (Danny's point of view, except from "the sun hasn't set" lines :))) )
Summary: Mac and Messer had a thing. Then they both pretended it didn't happen. But Danny still have feelings for Mac. And maybe there's a hope for these two :) I'm still highly recommeding you to read this amazing fic by stellaluna_. I dare to believe that my video had some resemblance to that story :)
Size: 8 Mb
Download: here!

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Light on a road (детство)

Small CSI video

I had that idea for a couple of days.

Title: "Phoebe's song"
Pairings: Catherine/Warrick, Nick/Greg, suffering Sara/Gil and heavy hints of Gil/Nick or possibly Gil/Nick/Greg (yes, yes, it's a very dirty video, lol! :))) )
Summary: Sometimes men love women
And sometimes men love men
Then there are bi-sexuals
Though some just say they're kidding themselves

Size: 400 kb (I think it's my smallest video ever :) )
Download: here

I know it's a small video, yet I'd love to get any kind of feedback :))))

Oh, and if you like my videos or icons, feel free to friend me! I'll be happy :)
Light on a road (детство)

new video - House/CSI crossover

I made a small House/CSI video (about House/Cameron and Gil/Sara). I think both man have same problems with women. It's really sad.

Title: "It's okay to not even start"
Summary: Well, House doesn't return Cameron's feelings. As well as Gil - Sara's. It's a shame.
Download: here (1,4 mb, yep, that small :) )

I know it's a small and simple video, but I'd love to get any kind of feedback.
Oh, and Happy New Year to everyone! (I'll try to get to missed comments a bit later).

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